Make your child’s room their own with our range of kid-sized furniture. Contact us for more information, or to place an order.

Kids Furniture

Create your child’s dream room with our stunning range of kids’ furniture which combines form, function and style. We have an extensive range of chairs, beds, storage solutions and more, all of which have been sourced from our trusted suppliers in order to guarantee their quality.

Our adorable kid-sized furniture is perfect for the bedroom and includes snug bean bags, kid-sized chairs and multi-purpose bunk beds. Children’s furniture comes in a variety of colours and designs, with options to suit almost all tastes. At Athlone Furniture World, we recommend involving your children in the selection process, as this can be exicting for them and is also a great way to nurture their creativity and individuality.

An important aspect to consider is the amount of storage space required, as many children’s bedrooms tend to become cluttered with toys, clothes, games, etc. Athlone Furniture World has a wide range of storage solutions available, including spacious wardrobes and chest drawers, so you are sure to find something that meets your needs.